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Cuckoo Song by  Frances Hardinge  Page count: 408

The Cuckoo Song is a story about a young girl named Theresa, who goes by Triss, and is always sick and cared for by her parents. She has a young sister who hates her and a father who is a famous architect. Triss has just returned from the Grimmer, an eerie lake on her mother and fathers summer property, dripping wet. She doesn’t remember anything except her family’s names, and the pages of her journals are mysteriously torn out. Something happened to Triss in the Grimmer, and she’ll need her curiosity and wit to find out what.


The book was very good. I liked how the book was a mystery. I also liked how as the story goes on you find information about the characters. The book is fantasy, which is one of my favorite genres. The book also has some aspects of a thriller, with porcelain dolls, which are known to be creepy. I liked how all the characters who were introduced played an important role in the story. The story used flashbacks to show what happened before Triss came out of the Grimmer.


What I didn’t like about the story was that the story did not progress as fast as I wanted it to. When I first got the book I thought that it was mostly a horror story, but the story was mostly fantasy. *SPOILER WARNING* I also did not like the sister of Triss, Pen, she was the one who wanted to get rid of Triss by any means necessary and almost sacrificed the life of her sister because of her anger. Throughout the story Triss forgives her, which I did not think was right.*SPOILER OVER*


My Overall impression of the book was that it was very good. Though there were some aspects of some characters that I didn’t like the story was very good. The author made me feel like I was experiencing Triss’ life. The book was uplifting and very different than many books I’ve read before.

Word Count: 334

All was perhaps. Nothing was certain. And that, that was wonderful.

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