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News From Spain: Seven Variations On A Love Story (2013)

by Joan Wickersham(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
1299086349 (ISBN13: 9781299086340)
Vintage Books
review 1: In this book, Joan Wickersham uses the phrase, "the news from Spain," in a variety of ways, all different and inventive. I loved a couple of these stories, all 7 of which are named, "The News from Spain," and would recommend them all except for the last story. The "present" story in No. 7 took place in a floating world wrapped around a solid love story that happened in the 1940s and the whole narrative was, in the end, very unsatisfying. Perhaps this was the point, as it described two unconsummated love affairs, but the "present" story about a working couple that has felt some chemistry is too nebulous. I wrote a story like that in college and was told to re-write it and put it in a solid context and I totally see the point of that. Overall, the writing is deft and the com... moremunication of emotions intuitive and clear. It was definitely worth my time.
review 2: THE NEWS FROM SPAIN is a truly wonderful collection of short stories—seven of them, all with the same title. Together they are a fresh, varied, and imaginative look at what it means to love and be loved and at how we cheat ourselves when we narrow our vision and confine ourselves to conventional ideas of love. The stories are breathtaking in their penetrating depth and their tender regard for love in all its nuances. The book might have been called "News From the Human Heart." less
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On jewel after another - especially if you favor the short story form.
The opening paragraph is the best description of a motel room ever!
Lovely collection of short stories.
Read in two days.
Just beautiful.
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