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That Voodoo You Do (2010)

by Jodi Redford(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 2
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
That Old Black Magic
review 1: I debated on how to rate this book. There were some things I really liked about the book, and some things that weren't so great. This book was well written, entertaining, and contained a little bit of everything (zombies, witches, magic, sex, ghosts, zombies). In that sense this book was fun to read. But the downfall to this book included the fact that when it was all over, I still didn't care too much about the characters and their relationships. I feel like I didn't connect with them at all. I can't explain why, that's just my opinion. Also, I realize this is a YA book, but I found the main character and her "speaking" style to be annoying and childish for what her age in the book was supposed to be. Some people say it's funny, but for some reason I just didn't a... moregree. Over all, this book was ok. It wasn't great enough for me to want to read the next book, but it wasn't horrible either.
review 2: Damn, this book is sexy as hell. Jodi Redford does a fantastic job of really making you see the characters. There are quite a few really erotic parts, which in my opinion, is always a great thing.Jemma seduces Griff in mind blowing kitchen sex that causes the earth to shake. Great news, right? Wrong. Her orgasm actually causes zombies to raise in an attack to free the spirit of a witch, Nettie, whom was put under a spell by Jemma’s grandmother.Friends are turned against each other, zombies are killed and the truth is set free.I rate this book 5/5 stars. less
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Hot sex and zombies (though no hot sex WITH zombies, thankfully). What else could a girl want?
Brilliant start to a funny great series LOVED IT!!!! finished in 2 days :)
What a fun read ;) A perfect quick diversion!! Full review soon...
Wowza! This was one of the sexiest books I've ever read.
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