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Somewhere Along The Way (Hardcover Bce) (2000)

by Jodi Thomas(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
1616649283 (ISBN13: 9781616649289)
review 1: This book is pretty awful in that the characters are unbelievable and several are unlikeable. The heroine is a new lawyer who never did anything nor did she pick up a law book. Now suddenly she's a lawyer. You have a man who lives outside of town who knows everyone but never goes into town. Suddenly he's going everywhere. Women in this book allow men they just met to kiss them and snuggle. There's another woman who hates men and now she's kissing someone she just met. SERIOUSLY? I had to quit reading this halfway through. I liked the first Harmony book but not this one.
review 2: Thanks so much to Goodreads for the free copy of Somewhere Along The Way (Harmony #2)by Jodi Thomas. I have several of Ms. Thomas' books, but hadn't read the Harmony series yet. I re
... moreally enjoyed this book. The storyline is wholesome and uplifting. Debbie Macomber fans would definitely enjoy. The characters were relatable and a person feels a connection to them. I would like to read the first book to learn more about some of the characters. I heard there is another book in the series, so I look forward to reading it too! less
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A good read. A lot of facets to the story but it was easy to follow.
Always enjoy her books.
I like it very much.
Love this series!
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