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Horns (2010)

by Joe Hill(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
0061147958 (ISBN13: 9780061147951)
William Morrow
review 1: I read this because my 13 almost 14 year old son wanted to read it and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate. It is not. At first it was hard to even like or care about any of the characters. That did change as the story went on. There is A LOT of talk and/or various sexual encounters. I did not like that. Still would like to see the movie but not as interested as I was before reading the book.
review 2: I just finished this book and for lack of a better phrase, feel complete. I have a certain liking for circular story lines that come full circle. And this one did it for me. I rated it 5 stars. It might not be really that good. I have read and enjoyed others more, but it was so complete and fulfilling, I felt I needed to give it's overall rating a boost
... more any way I could. And none of this really tells you a damn thing about the book. It's just a gestalt rating. NOS4A2 is already on hold. less
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So much better than his father. *Sigh* I think I'm developing an author-crush.
Acabo de terminarlo y no sé como sentirme en general con este libro
Easily one of the best books I've read this year. Pretty addictive.
jesus christ, a very darkly intimate emotional roller coaster.
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