A Love Story?

I will admit that I judged this one by its genre and almost didn’t pick it up as romance novels aren’t usually something I enjoy. However I was hooked from the first page and found it impossible to put this book down.

‘Together’ – Julie Cohen



Together opens with Robbie, who wakes up one day and goes about his normal morning activities while his wife, Emily, sleeps peacefully in bed. After leaving a letter for Emily for when she wakes up to, Robbie disappears without any reason why. From here the story is told backwards as we learn about a terrible secret that has haunted Robbie and Emily throughout their lives. What I found so compelling about this book is the way Julie Cohen built tension by slowly revealing the couples past, and some of the secrets they had been hiding. This is quite different to the usual ‘novels-with-a-twist’ which center around one shocking event, and often have me loosing interest once the twist has been revealed. At one point I thought I had the ending all worked out, but something happened that left me open-mouthed and wishing someone else was sitting there reading with me so I could scream out ‘what the f*ck!’. It’s no surprise that this book lingers and I thought about it a lot long after I was done. Generally books that shock you don’t get re-read much as the surprise factor is gone, but I found myself remembering certain moments throughout the story which hinted at the ending and have me wanting to read it again.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I should warn that it isn’t the typical love story. There is something sinister lurking through the pages, and there is a good chance that after reading it you will find yourself sitting in shock as you try to take it all in. Together is a fantastic read and has me looking at romance books in a new light.

Five out of five stars!

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