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Flesh Eaters (2011)

by Joe McKinney(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
0786023600 (ISBN13: 9780786023608)
Dead World
review 1: Although I should have read book two first, I still enjoyed this. I gave it a three star rating because, for a published book, it was not complete. I found 10 pages or more of misspellings, missed periods, words missing from sentences, and even parts where it referred to one character but was talking about another. Hopefully if this book goes into another printing they fix these issues first. If I were the author, I would be embarassed and angry at the lack of job the editors and proofreaders did.
review 2: Listened to the audiobook. Narrator was pretty good. Material was not. I'm not looking for literature out of a zombie novel, but this book committed the cardinal sin for me....the characters habitually change who they are and make critical decisions in or
... moreder to fit plot points or sequences of events that the author just wanted to happen in the storyline, regardless of whether it would make any sense for them to do so. Especially in the latter half of the book, characters' actions frequently do not fit the people the author created in the first half of the book. Not well done at all. Also I don't mind pop culture references, especially in this genre, but there were waaaaaaaay to many of them, and they felt really forced. The writer probably has an MFA, but I bet he was a C student at best. less
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Nothing really special. The final part had a hurry up and finish quality to it as well.
Charming book as much as charming can be in a zombie apocalypse! I liked it.
Good story but implausible ending.
thoroughly enjoyed this :)
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