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Dunkle Gewässer (2012)

by Joe R. Lansdale(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
3608501312 (ISBN13: 9783608501315)
Tropen Bei Klett-Cotta
review 1: well this was certainly a ‘dark’ novel about young white/black girls/boys whose lives are intertwined around the death of a friend with designs of going to Hollywood—dreadful end to that one’s dream. Lots of grueling stories about being chased by ‘bad guys’ with the young one’s being the saviors. In the end it all works out, well we assume, but getting there was a bit of a trial. Can’t say this was a ‘best book’, but it held my interest enough to finish. Don’t want to read more by this author, though, and there are plenty. 2012 Berea Library hardback, historical fiction (I don’t understand that category in light of having read this book), a “Debbie” (our library friend) pick; KIRKUS Reviews “Best of 2012” pick, 292 pgs., read Mar-Apr. ... more13, #17.
review 2: A "benefit of the doubt" 4 stars, though I thought about giving it 3. I like Lansdale in his Southern literary mode, and this book is one of those, though some might, fairly, classify it as a crime novel. As always, he has a lot of insight into race relations and sexual politics in the early to mid 20th Century. As always, his prose is slick, and I mean that in the best way; reading a Lansdale novel is like riding down a newly waxed waterslide. As always, he created some wonderful characters. But the pacing here seemed off to me, with too much time being taken at the preacher's house and the denouement dragging on a bit too long. Still, a Lansdale not quite hitting on all cylinders is a far better book than most authors can write. If you haven't read him yet, give him a try. If you're a guy, try the Hap and Leonard series; if you're a gal (oops, I see his southern working-poor dialect has infected me!), try A Fine Dark Line. less
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whew! a quick page turner. didn't want it to end. action packed story and interesting characters.
This is an excellent story comparable to Mark Twain in the southern tradition.
Great story! Great characters! Loved it!
A solid 2.5.
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