The Lost Letter by Jillian Cantor – Book Review

This novel moves back and forth between Austria 1938 and California, 1989.  In 1938, Kristoff an 18-year-old apprentice finds a position with the Faber family as an engraver of stamps for the Austrian government.  This is Kristoff’s first experience living with a family, and it is one he enjoys whole-heartedly.

Meanwhile in 1989, Katie Nelson decides to have her father’s extensive stamp collection appraised since her father is in the beginning stages of dementia, and he has always insisted that the stamps may one day be worth a lot of money.  The appraiser, Benjamin Grossman discovers a rare stamp which he doesn’t know anything about.  As Benjamin and Katie try to unravel the mystery of this highly unusual stamp, we are treated to the story of the stamp, Kristoff’s early life, and the Austrian underground.

Since I don’t want to give anything away, I’ll just say that this novel was well written and well researched.  I really loved this novel and highly recommend it.  Well done Cantor!

Jillian Cantor


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