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Het Examen (2014)

by Joelle Charbonneau(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
904520696X (ISBN13: 9789045206967)
Karakter Uitgevers
The Testing
review 1: This book was awesome. Despite the many flaws, like how Cia seems to be able to solve everything, and also how the president would actually let a young girl determine the country's fate, it is definitely a really engaging read overall. I think the plot is really well-planned. I definitely felt a lot of elements of surprise and when it was the climax, I felt like I went pass it really quickly, which shows the pace of the climax. I also didn't have any trouble understanding the sentences. I loved this book. **SPOILER**really sad that zeen died though. :(
review 2: Much better ending than the book 3 of some other dystopian trilogies. (Of course none can surpass the awesomeness of Champion). I knew there'd be a twist, and I suspected it had to do with the people in
... morevolved, but there was still enough mistrust and suspicion throughout the book that I wasn't exactly sure who was going to be double-crossing whom. Some of the technological incongruities in this future world bugged me (pun intended)...like, how is it that they have listening devices, tracking devices, genetic mutations, serums and all of that, but the outer colonies have no way of communicating with Tosu City? Um...phones? Anyway, a minor quibble. The ending is way less puzzling than Mockingjay, and less cheese than Allegiant. I think I might have to take a dystopian break for a minute though. (Let's see how long that lasts!) less
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A fair conclusion that leaves the door open for another novel.
Great finish to a great series! Loved it.
Great ending to the series!
Good ending to the series.
nail biter!
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