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Die Auslese - Nur Die Besten überleben (2013)

by Joelle Charbonneau(Favorite Author)
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3764531177 (ISBN13: 9783764531171)
The Testing
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. It was very interesting and kept me wanting to read more. I really liked the idea of the book, on the actual Testing part, and all the surprises that pop up in the story line. Every character that is shown, you have to think to yourself if Cia can actually trust that person. There were many plot twists, and character twists that I had no thought would ever happen. I really liked the action and adventure throughout the book, I was able to have and see a lot of imagery throughout the book, and I am really looking forward to the other books as well. The ending was very interesting to me as well. It had a big secret unrelieved and it made the reader think, of what actually happened throughout the whole story. If anyone was a fan of the Divergent or ... morethe Hunger Game novels, then the readers would definitely enjoy this book as well. I would give this book 4 stars, and definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the dystopian novels.
review 2: I love this book. I began reading it for an English class project and ended up finishing it in half the time that I was supposed to read it. I ordered the second and third of the series online! In this dystopian novel, we follow a strong female character who only wants to succeed and become a leader in post-apocalyptic America. The only downside of the novel was it seemed to copy a lot of the main ideas of The Hunger Games. Being a fan of The Hunger Games, I enjoyed it but picked up on a lot of similarities such as the influential, wealthy city who controls the whole country. Another similarity was the fact that there are many colonies, most of which are struggling to eat, but a few that are very successful and have all that they need and more to survive. When they get to the powerful city called Tosu City, there are tests they must complete to get into the university. The physical test and even some of the mental tests remind me of the Hunger Games in many ways. However, despite the similarities, I still believe The Testing is unique in many ways and a great dystopian novel.The novel follows a first-person narrator named Cia. Cia was born in Five Lakes Colony, which is one of the colonies that struggles the most to survive. It's a very small colony but because of the help of the University graduates, including Cia's father, the colony no longer struggles to put food on their plates. If one family struggles, the rest of the families help out to keep perfect harmony in the colony. Cia is optimistic about her future and dreams of being able to attend the University. Every year, only about one hundred graduating seniors are chosen to have a chance to attend the University. These students are the brightest in the entire country and chosen to help lead the future of America. After a complete apocalyptic war, most of the United States was destroyed. The remaining survivors put together a plan to restore the land. This time, however, only the brightest were allowed to be in charge to avoid another war. Because if it happened again, there would be no survivors. The chosen students are taken to Tosu City, where the University is. Before they are accepted to the University, however, they must go through a series of four difficult tests to choose only the best for the University. The tests include a written test that covers math, science, history, and English; a practical test, observing the candidates' abilities to engineer and work with plants; a group test, testing the candidate's abilities to work with one another; and finally, a physical test, where they must get from what used to be Chicago back to Tosu City, which used to be Wichita. During the physical test, the candidates must find their own food and water, and try to stay alive. After all four tests, about 27 candidates are left. The candidates are then taken to be interviewed for the final decision on whether they will make it into the University or not. Finally, after everything the candidates go through, their memory of the tests is completely erased. When Cia's father went to the Testing, he remembers getting to the Testing Center the first night, and the next thing he remembers is studying in his University classes.Follow Cia through the journey of The Testing. Will she pass the tests? and what will happen to her if she doesn't? She watched some of her friends die during the second test, will she be next? Also, Cia's father told her not to trust anyone. But what about the boy she's known since she was a little girl? All these can be answered by reading the novel.The novel was well written and the characters were well developed. Cia is a strong, independent, genuinely nice character that is easy to read about and that the reader will truly like. The novel itself was hard to put down, and it's a smooth read. The romance of the novel isn't out of place and keeps the reader hopeful that it, along with both of the characters, will succeed. I would recommend the novel to anyone, especially anyone who loved the Hunger Games. less
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Liked this book a lot. Fans of the hunger games would like this.
Perfect takes a human form in the protagonist, Cia!
Ends on a terrible cliffhanger!
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