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The 19th Element, A James Becker Thriller (2000)

by John L. Betcher(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
James Becker
review 1: James "Beck" Becker, retired U.S. operative returns to his hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota, in order to provide a normal - and safe - life for his family. But he can't stop seeing problems, including Al Qaeda terrorists, from his new vantage point.I chose this book because of its Minnesota setting and the former government employee hero. I found it well written and a quick read, although there were some weak points in the plot. The terrorists are a strange mixture of Al Qaeda "professional" terrorists and disgruntled Americans seeking revenge for perceived government slights against their families. The strange bedfellows were plausible until one of the home grown terrorists was given the task of flying a plane he only had Internet knowledge of instead of putting one of the... more professionals in that role. In fact, the reason for the professionals was never explained. They showed up. They made it tricky for everything to be wrapped up tightly. But there didn't seem to be a specific purpose for their presence on stage..
review 2: June 2, 2013A Review by Anthony T. Riggio of John L. Betcher’s Novel: The 19th ElementI read this book on my Kindle and I believe, it was free at the time I downloaded the book and this sort of made it worthwhile.This book is for anyone who feels like reading any of the voluminous books of this genre. It is an almost fantasy hero story of a former CIA operative who is retired in Minnesota and practicing Law and who single handed solves an al Qaeda terrorist plot to blow up a local Nuclear plant. No one believes him that this is “possible” based only on his instincts and conjectures he has about the death of a local scientist who has developed a process and a device to extract elemental potassium, which is highly unstable in its non-protective state.The story has an interesting plot and will hold the reader’s attention. This is escapist reading but every once ‘n a while you need to seek refuge in the world of improbabilities. This book is not literature that will endure the ages but it is fun and the reader should not expect more. I gave the story two stars and did find one mistake in the book. When the hero rents a Ferrari, he subsequently refers to it as a Jag. Notwithstanding it is good “summertime “ reading or on a plane ride. less
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This book has an interesting plot but the writing is pretty poor.
I liked. Nothing spectacular, but still held my attention.
A very exciting thriller. Could not put this book down.
Read this while in Red Wing
great book
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