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Ondskapens Elev (2009)

by John Manning(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 4
Cappelen Damm AS
review 1: You'd think I'd have nothing negative to say about a book I gave 5 stars to. Well, I have two negative comments. But they have nothing really to do with the story.1. All The Pretty Dead Girls is a VERY misleading title. If you're expecting an 80's Sorority House Slasher movie in novel form, which the title is suggestive of, that is not even close to what you're getting here.2. This book has a few too many typos and words missing from sentences. Since that's the editor's job I don't hold it against the author and do my best not to let it distract me. This is the first John Manning book I've ever read and I think this author might be exactly what I've been looking for. Brilliant, dark, suspenseful supernatural horror with demons and spirits and all that good stuff. H... moree throws in just the right amount of political/religious commentary and does it very well. (If you're a right wing conservative, don't bother with this one. Or do bother with it, and think about what a douchenozzle you are.)The last 150 pages of this book were a nonstop train ride at 6000 miles per hour and the end was nothing short of touching and satisfying. I sincerely hope you enjoy this book even half as much as I did.
review 2: This book; All the Pretty Dead Girls by john Manning, had some good and some bad things going on. On one hand it is very exciting, a real page turner. I had to force myself from it, so that I could pick up my daughter from school. On the other hand it had a lot of faults. A few things I suspect is because of the translation into Norwegian, there was a few sentences that was badly written.But there were several other things that I had issues with. One of them was that in almost every dialogue, one of the characters starts to think about something in the past, and by the time the person is finished, I have forgotten that there are two people talking, and get confused. The other thing is that people that aren’t really important to the story, get a thorough presentation. Some get a whole chapter, and you think that you have to pay attention to this one, but then it is it more or less. There are also contradictions like with Wally. He is sixty years old, and every morning he takes two hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups, but complains that he often is too stiff to get out of bed? And several other small details here and there.Even though I got caught up in all these little, annoying things, I did enjoy the story. It wasn’t anything new, I have seen much of this in films or TV series, but it had a twist to it. I’m not sure if I liked it or not, the ending wasn’t great. But as light entertainment I enjoyed it. It has never felt so easy to read almost six hundred pages! less
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Different to the crime novels I usually read. It was interesting, disturbing and thought provoking!
This book is for someone who likes unfinished endings.
loved it
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