The Little Brother -Victoria Patterson

This book was a hard read. It deals with a very real problem in this country, and really the world. Rape Culture. It was based on actual events that happened in 2002, when a group of boys conducted horrid, vial acts of sexual depravity on an unconscious girl.

The story is told from the point of view of one of the offenders little brother and what a toll that takes on him, his brother and their family. It tells a tale of what would you do if it was your brother who committed such awful acts? What if you knew the girl? What if there was a way to prove it was your brother? What would you do with that evidence? Can you turn on family?

It was a very ethical heavy book, and at times, very hard to read. The hardest part for me, that even though this was a work of fiction, this was based on real events. Other events have and will occur. That is what makes this book so difficult to read. Yes, the book dealt with the rape of this poor girl, but it dealt more with the culture that allows this to happen. The animals who think they deserve forgiveness and shortened sentences. That they think they shouldn’t have to register as sex offenders. The people who defend it as being, “Boys just being boys” or blaming the victim calling her names and dragging her name in the mud. Saying she is after money, or has an ax to grind. It isn’t fiction, this is what happens. I commend the actual girl for not stopping until these horrid people who found guilty of their charges.

As I said, this was a hard book to read. Brilliantly told, but very difficult.

More information about the events the book was based after:

Victoria Patterson’s Third Novel, The Little Brother, Explores the Intersection of Rape Culture and Affluence.  – Mindy Farabee

Orange County Gang Rape Trail of 3 Teenagers goes to jury – Clair Luna, LA Times

Also a more current one that we may all remember:

Brock Turner, Convicted Sexual Assault Offender, Released From Jail After 3 Months – Gadi Schwartsz and Erik Ortiz, NBC



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