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Bleak History (2009)

by John Shirley(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 4
1416584129 (ISBN13: 9781416584124)
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review 1: This is a book that takes the supernatural and makes it seem natural. Bleak uses his connection to the otherworld to jump over cars, spy, shoot energy bullets. Aside from a couple of scenes that I could have done without, and the obvious cliche of his brother being the bad guy that he has to take out to save the world (not to mention the INCREDIBLY blatant foreshadowing of that whole brother thing from the very beginning) it's a fun read overall.
review 2: Oh the promise...I actually half-wanted to give this book one star, but I usually reserve that for books that I actively loathe. The soul mate angle made me want to stab myself in the stomach until I vomited blood rather than read anymore about how they're "destined for each other." When I find myself activ
... moreely hoping the bland badguys win, then I know there's a big problem with the book. Only a few of the minor characters had even a smidge of individuality, Gabriel and Loraine were so stock that the almost exact same characters exist in hundreds of other books. Definitely jumping off the John Shirley wagon. less
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I really liked this story. It seems like it could be a really good movie also!
Much better than Demons. Interesting universe, left me wanting more.
Not sure who recommended this book to me, but it was enjoyable.
Nothing at all special, no reason to finish it.
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