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No Confíes En Peter Pan (2013)

by John Verdon(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
8499186254 (ISBN13: 9788499186252)
Roca Editorial
Dave Gurney
review 1: After some thought, I have decided that I liked this book, more than I indicated in my first review. This is # 4 in the Dave Gurney series and I have read them all. Ex- NY cop Gurney's wife and shrink think that he has a death wish and I must agree with them. It was like he was asking for it the whole book. Personally I think that his wife should dump him and let him go back to the city because it is obvious he has no interest in the farm and is way too busy trying to get killed.
review 2: Le iba a poner 2 porque la fórmula de cada entrega del tipo ahora me retiro pero al final no tengo más remedio que entrar en el caso aunque Madeleine se me va a echar encima, se hace ya repetitiva y pesada. Y en esta entrega hasta el final no ha habido mucha vidilla, de
... moremasiado relleno, y el final me ha decepcionado también pero tras ese final las conclusiones de la resolución han hecho que suba la nota. less
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Another good Dave Gurney novel but the ending was a bit much. Worth the time to read though.
Definitely a good read....a mystery that I did not predict the ending too!
Not bad. First half was good....second half a little boring.
Well set plot but poor ending lack of excitement.
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