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Robot Zot! (2009)

by Jon Scieszka(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 4
1416963944 (ISBN13: 9781416963943)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: Genre: Science Fiction Copyright: 2009The first time I read this book I didn't like it. It grows on you the more times you read it. I think boys would really enjoy this book. It's about a robot named Zot who battles random household items such as a toaster and T.V. His last battle is saving the queen(toy phone). Which almost gets eaten by the dog. It has short sentences that are easy reading. The sentences are not full sentences which can make the text easy yet hard to read.
review 2: Well, this book boasts the dynamic duo of Jon Scieszka and David Shannon which could only be beat possibly by Scieszka & Lane Smith (who have collaborated multiple times). I would say that this book is geared to boys (which isn't surprising as Scieszka started a group & website "g
... moreuys read" and another "guys write") as it is about a war-making robot who destroys every kitchen appliance in his way to world domination. But Aurora loves it although I'm not exactly sure why as the book is above her level (she's 3 1/2)and I'm not sure she gets the humor of it which is found in the pictures mostly. But anyways I think the moral of the story is that love has the ability to change us (oh yes they worked that deep universal theme into 32 pages) and you don't want to be the dog living in a household that Robot Zot visits. I only gave it 3 stars, because it's a little violent for a children's book at least for my 3 yr old reader, and well because I feel sorry for the dog and it's just a little odd (although that's not unexpected from these authors/illustrators). It received 3 stars because it is funny and I liked the illustrations and pretty sure it would be a big hit with young elementary school boys who are their target audience after all. less
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Wonderful illustration, but I didn't care for the content at all
Silly. Didn't really care for it, but the kids liked it.
wacky silliness from the king of wacky silliness
kinda wired to me. :| thats all i can say
Very amusing, is Robot Zot!
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