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Das Königshaus Der Monster (2010)

by Jonathan Barnes(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 2
3492267505 (ISBN13: 9783492267502)
Piper Verlag
Domino Men
review 1: I was a huge fan of Barnes' Somnambulist--the title alone taught me a new word, and I remember being fondly transported into the Edward Moon's world. But I was disappointed to find out that this a follow-up and not a sequel. The charm present in the first Domino Men book infused with the spirit of Victorian-era London life, magic and mystery, and the peculiarities of Mr. Moon and his friend simply aren't present in this book. This modern tale, set in the present day lacks the depth, intrigue, and uniqueness I first encountered while reading the Somnambulist. Thus I fear it will be hard to give this book an honest review because what I expected from it was so different from what I received.While excellently written, filled with quick dialogue and characters--memorable and d... moreecidedly and purposefully unmemorable alike--The Domino Men recounts the falling of London and the ushering in of a new era under the Leviathan. In suspenseful fashion, we, the readers, really only receive information as it is given to the main character. The narrative is interrupted sporadically by an unnamed invader who comments on the state of the story being shared and gives a scant few insights as presented in a complementary but separate series of events. Eventually the two lines connect and the whole picture is revealed in a rather unspectacular manner. Sadly, I feel as though too much effort was given to the build up and the climax was too succinct, perhaps not even present as the book ends on a "only time will tell" note. I generally have no qualms about open endings, but this one felt more unfinished than open. Perhaps a Domino Men 3 will answer the left over questions and reveal the ultimate fate of London.
review 2: Very interesting, I like the way it's told, past tense and through two perspectives yet you don't know who the second one is till later. It's well written in the way that I had no facts on what anything was, who the domino men really are, what the Leviathan was, what the secret was, or the "Process" but I still wanted to read and figure it out. The story only revealed a couple of the answers and I'm still happy I read it. I would suggest this book if you're into a mystery but wrapped up in a package of pinch of crazy and thrill. Even thought the main character was a bit of a flop and did manage to irritate me. He was incompetent but it was understandable to me. less
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Much Better than the previous book ( the Somnubulist. NOT THAT IT WASNT GOOD ).
I loved this book. Very well written and pretty weird.
kinda weird...
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