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The Girl Who Just Appeared (2014)

by Jonathan Harvey(Favorite Author)
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144723846X (ISBN13: 9781447238461)
review 1: This book wasn't anything like I thought it would be. It was very different from what I normally read but I enjoyed it so much, well, enjoy is probably not the right word as there was a lot of difficult situations to read about, which stayed with me for a while after, but that's not to say I didn't think it was an interesting read or that I didn't like it, because I did. I like the fact a man is writing from a woman's point of view, it gives it a breath of fresh air. I'm now going to get the two previous books Jonathan wrote as I think he's a brilliant writer.
review 2: This book has finally helped me to banish my reader's block and rekindle my love for reading. What particularly drew me to this book was the setting of this book. You really get a sense of Liv
... moreerpool in the 1980s before major redevelopment took place. The story begins in the 'Now' with Holly Smith leaving her job and London to start a new life in Liverpool. The purpose is to piece together her life before she was adopted as a baby. By a twist of fate she finds herself renting the very flat where she was born. Whilst at the flat she finds an old tin with diary entries dating back to 1981. Darren is a 15 year old boy looking after his younger brother whilst his mother prostitutes in the local area. Darren's life is particularly grim. Thank goodness we have social services in modern society who would intervene in such cases. The diary entries was the part that I particularly enjoyed the most. Holly does manage to uncover more about her past however it is not all clearcut. There is a massive twist which I certainly did not see coming. The only criticism I would say about this book is that perhaps I wanted to read more of the 'Then' rather than the 'Now'. This is a fantastic book and deserves success. less
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Excellent. Love how it flicks from past to present. Highly recommend this book.
I liked this book and it was a quick read.
Another excellent book from Mr Harvey
Funny, sad, moving and a good twist
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