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3 Gates Of The Dead (2013)

by Jonathan Ryan(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 4
1624670997 (ISBN13: 9781624670992)
Premier Publishing
review 1: An assistant pastor is loosing his faith, his ex-fiancee is killed and he is drawn into the world of the paranormal and magick. Part of the story seemed trite especially when he questions his faith. As with most stories that deal with the supernatural the ending does not come up to the standards the author was trying to set in the rest of the story. Then the last couople of pages are an advertisiment for the next book in the series. I probably will not be reading that book.
review 2: This one started out slow but picked up in short order. From the middle on, could not set down. I was put off at first by less than stellar writing, but the plot and story took over and I have to give this outstanding and suspense-filled supernatural and spiritual thriller 5 s
... moretars. I can't wait for the sequel! This story combines some of my favourite elements: the pastor struggling with faith (this bit was a little overdone), the paranormal, the daemonic, the mysterious, wrapped up in multiple murder mysteries with some great twists at the end. Loved it!! less
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Seriously Creepy. Wouldn't quite say it's 'Harry Potter for Adults' but definitely an enjoyable read
Great Debut. I liked the character of Jennifer.
Plenty of suspense. A great read.
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