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Eidolon (2014)

by Jordan L. Hawk(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
Smashwords Edition
review 1: This is not a novel-length W+G story. Instead it's some sort of ficlet, an interlude between Widdershins and Treshold. It's written from Griffin's POV which is a nice change (not that I mind 'listening' to Whyborne, quite the contrary), but it's a refreshing new take.Griffin has the perfect Valentine's day planned for his sweetheart but it wouldn't be a W+G story if supernatural thingies weren't to throw rocks in their path... and of course they get their romantic get-together in the end, although it doesn't go exactly as planned.It was fun to read, lovely, enjoyable - sweet and hot like spiced wine on a cold day :-)
review 2: 4.5 StarsIt is St Valentine’s Day, and Griffin wants nothing more than spending the perfect romantic evening with his newfound lover,
... moreDr.Percival Whyborne. He’s been planning a night out, dinner and theatre to surprise him. But when living in Widdershins, nothing turns out as expected. Even worse when a customer knocks at your door, requesting your services to find a stolen amulet. What was going to be an uneventful evening out with Ival turns into a dangerous adventure recovering the trinket and running away from a hideous monster with murderous intentions. This is an enjoyable short story. It is told from Griffin’s point of view. It is enlightening to find out how deep his feelings for Whyborne are. He sees himself as unworthy of somebody with Whyborne’s education and social position. He feels defective, and fears Whyborne will desert him as everybody in his past did (his parents, his ex-lover, his job mates at Pinkerton). These two are just great together. Although both their surprises were spoiled (Griffin’s reservations lost, and Whyborne’s sweets smashed somewhere in their escape from the monster) somehow the day does not feel wronged. They are together, and that turns this St. Valentine in the best one of their lives. Even if it is a quite unconventional one!!! less
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Not a short story fan in general. This was a cute filler.
A short story between full ones...
So cute, I love them very much :D
4.5 stars!!
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