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The Burning Sky (2011)

by Joseph Robert Lewis(Favorite Author)
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Joseph Robert Lewis
review 1: Really enjoyed this indie steampunky fantasy. Similarly to Kate Elliot's Spiritwalker series (which I am totally *loving*) and S.M. Stirling's The Peshawar Lancers, Europe gets very, very cold. The action here is in Africa, and the book is very enjoyable - Incan princesses, steam-powered flying machines, and a plucky engineer - who writes articles in scientific journals! - and more. An interesting element which so far seems to be continued in book 2 (it's a trilogy) is that the band of adventurers that forms does not become the typical tight-knit band - these people all have their own agendas...
review 2: I really liked this book. The characters were varied and well developed. the action kept going from one point to another. I also found out that I am more of t
... moreraditional than I thought with roles of women versus men. The opening shows a piolet Taziri playing with her daughter and husband wanted to go back to working full time. Taziri said maybe later. Women were the ones in power for the most part. their was bombing, terrosts conspiracy against the queen. Marshalls trailing the ambassodar who was a murder and behind train bombings and airships. thier were hero's and traitors. I enjoyed this book and its the second I have read of his and both excellent stories. I look forward to reading more from him less
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Loved the book. His books are totally awesome. Great writer!
Action + Adventure + Imagination = FANTASTIC FANTASY READ
Couldn't finish.
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