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The Lost Airship (2000)

by Joseph Robert Lewis(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This was a rather interesting novella. But it is one that is rather hard for me to review as I am not able to solidify in my mind just what I thought. I do know that I did enjoy and it was a good quick read. So instead of my normal style of reviewing let me instead bring up a couple points that struck me.On one hand it does introduce the reader to the world, in a way. I feel however that it just barely scratches the surface as it appears that Mr. Lewis has done an excellent job of world building. And this is a world that I am looking forward to exploring more.The genre is one that I am beginning to like more and more. Steampunk really hasn't been as over used as a lot of the genres so there is always something unique to each story. OMAR THE IMMORTAL didn't delve ver... morey deeply into the machines of this time other then the airship. Hopefully future stories in this series will.Now we come to one of my pet peeves in a novella. Character development. After reading the entire tale Omar is as much a mystery as when I first started the story. So needless to say I would liked to have had more insight into him. I did find it to be an interesting twist that the main character was Middle Eastern rather then European.Would I recommend this story. Yes I would as long as the reader is just looking for a good quick read as an introduction to the series. I rate this story a 3.3.**I was given this book by the author thru Library Thing in exchange for a honest review.
review 2: Since this is a self-published book, I'll talk a bit about everything.I loved the cover of this book. It is clean, well-designed, and conveys genre (alt-history/steampunk) very well. I also loved the map inside the book.The novella is well-formatted, and without snafus obvious to me.The worldbuilding of this story is quite something. I see that the author has other stories set in this world. It's well-thought-out to the point of being a little overwhelming at times (too many names flung at the reader all at once), but I could imagine the scope for other stories in this same world.I also have to mention the character diversity which I found interesting. Often steampunk tends to have standard English (or English-sounding or other European) characters. The main character of this novella is an Arab.That said, where I felt this novella fell down was plot and character. The plot has a basic quest structure, but at no point am I completely clear what the character wanted, and why he wanted it badly enough to undertake the journey.I also feel we don't learn enough about the character(s) as *people*. They function as chess pieces within the plot, but I get no emotional vibe from them at all.The novella ends very unruptly, and I have to be honest to say that the ending is the weakest section of it, and strikes me as a bit of a cop-out. less
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I love his books! Try the Zelda Pryce series. Those are my favorites but these are just as good.
Excellent Book! My new favorite author!
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