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The Accidental Hero (2000)

by Joshua Graham(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: The only reason I am rating this book so low is due to personal preference. This story follows the life of a bad guy. No other way to say it, the character is a bad guy. However, he has a change of heart.I think that it was written well, and it is clear that the author feels a personal connection to the story, just in the way certain scenes are detailed. However, my own personal preference really didn't allow me to enjoy it.
review 2: Big Pete is the man to go to if you want anything doing as he won’t turn anything down no matter what it is. Well except this job is about killing a priest which he agrees to do but when he goes to do the job and sits at the front ready with his gun he can’t do it, he starts to see the light whilst listening to the priest.
... morePete turns himself in and tells of all his crimes and who paid him to do the killings. less
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Freebee Kindle novella. OK story of redemption.
Pretty good book for a short story.
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