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Double Take: A Hank Hammond, P.I. Mystery Featuring Lori Reed (2011)

by J.P. David(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
1466404345 (ISBN13: 9781466404342)
review 1: Hank Hammond is a novice P.I. who is bumbling through a search for a wealthy man’s missing car. This was a light fast paced tale with echoes of a Stephanie Plum tale as the ex football player and ex store security man travels around in a rented mini while his corvette is in the shop. He is helped along by the secretary in the law office where he rents a small room for an office. A fun diversion from more hefty fare.
review 2: Did you know you can warm up a pizza by tasering it repeatedly? This and other gems of modern private investigating work in today's Southern California are there for the taking in this funny, fast-moving mystery by J.P. David. I very much liked his lead character, Hank Hammond, a former store detective and before that football playe
... morer, now carrying twenty pounds too much on his middle. Hammond is the right combination of cheerful and cynical, tough and tender as he chases around town after bad guys in a collection of classic cars. His all-knowing secretary, Lori, leads a cast of colorful secondary characters. I enjoyed this book. less
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dragged. Hank is very bland. reminds me of a cheesy 70s P.I. show
Slightly fun. Not a very competent PI.
Very enjoyable and funny.
Average PI thriler
good read
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