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Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 (2009)

by J.R. Ward(Favorite Author)
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0451947630 (ISBN13: 9780451947635)
review 1: I'm sadly addicted to this god awful series. I find myself cringing at the language and the over the top male dominance of these characters, yet... I still burn through these books. Ward does a good job of dividing the romance up with the other aspects of the story so that it's not just an overwhelming women's version of soft core porn. Though it goes against all of my academic nature I will still continue reading this series and secretly enjoy all the delightful vulgarities it has to offer.
review 2: Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS!These books are wonderful. I have devoured each book ravenously from cover to cover. The moment a new one came out, I would take a trip to the book store and grab a copy. These books are not about twinkling-in-the-sun vampires and p
... moreubescent werewolves. Oh no. These vampires are powerful, one hundred percent mature, and sexy as hell. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a race of warrior vampires who are caught in a vicious battle with the lessers, a race of impotent, baby-powder smelling vampire slayers. Though they are busy kicking some hardcore ass, the BDB still manages to find time to find love -- and perhaps more importantly, MAGNIFICENT SEX!!!! Each book tells the story of one brother. Dark Lover starts the series off with the story of the last pureblood vampire on the planet and the blind king of the vampire race, Wrath. Wrath falls hard for Beth, the half-breed daughter of his fallen comrade. The second book, Lover Eternal, is about the drop dead gorgeous Rhage -- called Hollywood by his brothers because of his movie star good looks -- and his relationship with the terminally ill Mary. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start. Mary, who sees herself as plain on her best days, does not understand how the incredibly handsome Rhage could see anything in her, and Rhage mistakes her strength and pride for disdain. The final blow comes when Mary is re-diagnosed with cancer and Rhage is forced to say goodbye to her forever.My personal favorite, Lover Awakened, is the story of the beautifully damaged Zsadist and the lovely Bella. The obstacles they must contend with are legion. Zsadist, a former blood slave, cannot stand to be touched, let alone embraced or held. It makes it difficult to form a meaningful relationship when touching your partner is a major taboo.Book four, Lover Revealed, is all about Butch O'Neal, a human male who was 'adopted' by the Brothers and who has recently gone through the transition. He meets the ethereal Marissa and is immediately enthralled with her. Lover Unbound is a bit wild, in a great way. Vishous, the son of the Scribe Virgin (the mother/creator of the vampire race) is a bi-sexual, BDSM sexual deviant. And my God, do I LOVE IT! Doc Jane is a fiercely independent woman who takes him on a journey of pleasure and pain that leaves him -- and the reader -- panting for more. Delectable.There are six more of these delightful books, not counting the Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide, which has a wonderful novella about Zsadist and Bella in their new roles as parents. The most recent book in the series, Lover at Last, is slightly different from the other books in that it is the story of Quinn and Blaylock, both two males. Don't let that scare you or turn you off, though because I will tell you right now it is just as sexy and alluring as all the other books. I highly recommend these books to anyone who loves vampires, romance, action, and hot and steamy sex! Five stars all around. less
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J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series never disappoints... WOW, what great reads!!!
must read............f.........love it
these vamps aint no edward!!!
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