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Liam's Mate (2012)

by J.S. Scott(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
Scott Erotica
The Vampire Coalition
review 1: Stars: 3.5Overall: Liam and Reagan are friends and Reagan knows that she is suppose to mate with Liam ,but doesn't want to tell him because of the mage group that she is apart of. Mages and vampires are not supposed to mate. After Liam gets hurt and Reagan tries to help him, his mating instincts kick in and he is mad at Reagan for not telling him before than. There is a bit for drama from Reagan's mage family and a lot of pain, but inally the vampire healer prince (Daric) steps in and makes Liam see the light and he finally claims Reagan as his. Characters: Liam & Reagan Page Turner: YesSeries Cont: YesRecommend: Yes
review 2: I love this series. Regan and Liam are both healer's he is a vampire healer and she is a Mage healer. Regan is Brianna's sister who is m
... moreated with Liam's brother Nathan. Brianna and Liam have become really good friends see each other everyday for the last eight months both of them are lonely, but Regan has a secret she knows that she is Liam's mate, but she can never tell him or be mated to him because her council will never allow it as well as her parents them want her to continue the bloodline of the Mage she is also in love with Liam. Liam has lived his whole life being lonely and he has a twin brother Rory he watch each of his brother's meet their mate's and fall in love and it made him feel even lonelier. Liam is also keeping secret's from his family about his live what he goes through working so hard that he forgets to feed he also suffers from backlash pain for killing fallen or anyone else for that matter. After helping his brother kill some fallen vamps he comes to find Regan still there after they had dinner and she knew he was going to be in backlash he was in a lot pain and she didn't know how to help him so she offered to let him feed from her and he knew that she was his mate and that she knew he knew. I like how the author made them friends and yes she Regan had her reason's for not telling him her council threatened to kill Liam so she run's but just as she was leaving her house he finds her and they have sex and he learns the truth. Liam goes into a rage when her Mage mate and tries to force her to show him the goods and Liam goes into a rage one so strong that his three brother's can't hold him back and then comes Daric the vampire prince. This book was really good I wish that it was longer. I am looking forward to reading the next book to see what happens to Daric. less
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Good storyline .Love the characters. Great sex sciences. Sad it's short book. Great read though
Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read
Series pretty much all the same.
Loved this. Fun series to read.
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