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Psyched (2013)

by Juli Caldwell(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
0615838650 (ISBN13: 9780615838656)
Firefly Publishing
review 1: I thought this story was a very creative and interesting way to portray psychics. Aisi has a rough home life and is trying to keep her life together the best she can. Her mom almost seems depressed, or crazy, or both and she has to almost be a mother to her younger brother, Leo. I kept wondering why she just didn't go live with her dad--wouldn't that be easier? He obviously cared more than her mom seemed to. I thought it was funny that her mom pretends to be psychic and that Aisi really is.I loved it when Aisi showed Monica what was what in the locker room.When Vance and Colby came to town, I just knew things were going to change and start happening...and that hopefully mysteries would be solved. I really enjoyed the way Juli Caldwell wove all of these pieces into the stor... morey and tied it all together. I thought it was very well done.Just a side note, I'm not a big fan of demons and the like, but it wasn't over-the-top crazy. It all worked.Content: may be a little scary for younger readers, but otherwise clean.
review 2: If I’d have to choose one word and one word only to describe this novel I’d say: gripping. But I wouldn’t do it justice because Juli Caldwell wrote a novel that was much more than that: it was fascinating, thrilling, scary, intriguing, mysterious, detailed, RIVETING.Here a few things I observed:1. Storyline: concise, cursive, had well defined start, climax and an ending. The transition from one part to the next one was well executed allowing the reader to move in and out of them smoothly. I had no idea where the story took me next or how it will end which kept me waiting for the next piece of puzzle and when I thought I had it, boom! I had nothing.2. Settings: clear, well described. Works for me.3. Characters: LOVED Aisi!!! I remember exactly how I first was introduced to her and how enigmatic, strong and yet underneath all of that I-have-everything-under-control mask she was worried for her little brother, mother and father, proving she was just another soft girl. Felt her emotions and grew even fonder of her because of her sense of humor. Found myself either smiling or bursting in laughter at her comical/little sarcastic/ corky sense of humor. Unfortunately she came in so strong that I didn’t feel she had an arc, but I’m not sure she supposed to have one since this is not the classic romance. There was no room for her to grow. I’ve heard sometimes authors with such strong characters soften them by the end of the book. Something to consider for the sequel. It could be a double sword if the author plans on portraying her only as the demon-slayer. Readers need to identify themselves with the characters in order to root for them and sympathize with whatever drama they encounter. Supporting characters well drawn as well. 4. Narrative: very detailed. The author has a gift of describing each detail in a lot of words. Not only each scene but each detail. Nevertheless the story was a keeper for me from the first page to the last and i look forward to reading book #2. Are we there yet? less
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Fun and enjoyable. It may be billed as "young adult," but adults will love it as well.
The whole story felt a little rushed but overall an enjoyable and quick read.
Very good young adult book. To be continued..
Will review.
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