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And The Dark Sacred Night (2014)

by Julia Glass(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
0307377938 (ISBN13: 9780307377937)
review 1: It's written well,with plenty of wit and the story pulls you along. HOWEVER: a)Problem with the author oozsing with wit is that every single charecter in the book oozes wit as well; SHE JUST CAN'T ALLOW her protoganists to talk like we all normally do, often at loss of words, stammering, hemming and hawing without that spanking wit every second. It's a compulsion by the writer to show off her own wit which becomes irritating. B)She tends like Lionel Shriver to use numerous esoteric words that sometimes are not even found in the Oxford dictionary, when much more accessible words could do the same job-again a way of flaunting her "great talent". C)And this flaw goes deeper:there are numerous cases where a biological father denies his fatherhood from birth, as in the case of... more Malachi Burns, and the offspring proceeds with his/her life with little emotional baggage regarding that absent father. That actually is the case with Kit too at first. Yet once he is pushed to discover his origins and meets his father's family the story takes a melodramatic rather unrealistic turn. Kit, just like that at age 42 or so becomes utterly attached to this newly found family and cries inconsolably and falls into a total trauma when his just discovered grandmother unexpectedly dies. That is a maudlin soft core turn plus all those other connections that erupt from Kits discovery. Despite punching the inevitable "happy ever after" as nowadays authors tend to do-perhaps to enhance sales-with a few requisite tragedies, Glass like most ultimately concludes with "peace and harmony for all. Give me a break.
review 2: I am a Julia Glass fan, but this book is not her best offering. Kit Noonan is 40 years old, married, father of nine year old twins, unemployed, and depressed. He was raised by a single mother who refused to name his father. At his wife's very strong recommendation, he goes to his stepfather to try to learn the identity of his father. The major flaw of book is far too many characters with backstories. I don't understand how learning about Kit's grandmother's schoolgirl crush helps to move the story forward. Read THE WIDOWER'S TALE instead. less
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If I could have, I would have given it two and three quarters stars.
Loved this. Great story. Great characters. A good read.
Seemed depressing and not going anywhere...
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