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Letters To A Soldier (2011)

by Julia Spencer-Fleming(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
Minotaur Books
review 1: I have read the entire series. The first book's title intrigued me because it is the title of one of my favorite Christmas hymns. Once I started reading, I was intrigued by the Rev. Clare Fergusson, an Episcopal priest who had also served in the army and was good at solving mysteries and putting herself in harm's way to do it. Then there was sexual tension developing with the police chief, Russ Van Alstyne - and the little town in upstate New York is a great backdrop for all the drama...these books make for a wonderful reading experience.
review 2: This was incredibly sweet and good. The detail was super--typos in the email, etc. The comment about Will's mom taking the bumper sticker out of the trash brought a lump to my throat as I pictured what preceeded th
... moreat.I just wish there had been more. Be forwarned--there are only, maybe 5 letters. The remainder is a preview of the book it supports. Yes, it was free, so it's not like I was ripped off, but these characters are so very dear I really wish there had been more. less
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I've heard better stories from the military en and women I speak to daily.
It was very, very short. I liked the letters, but wanted more.
Thought this was an actual book, not a teaser. Oh well
well written. loved it
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