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Shaken Series Box Set: Shattered & Shaken, All For Allie, Shattered & Mended (2014)

by Julie Bailes(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 2
Julie Bailes
review 1: 4.5 stars..... So many twists. This is honestly the first time where I can't decide on the ending. I've never been so torn on who I wanted the girl to end up with.... This is definitely a love triangle and I was equally fighting for both leads. Had it ended the other way, I'm not sure how I would have felt either. Lots of angst and drama... But a good read and two make leads you'll fall equally in love with!
review 2: Book 1 had me at completely team Blake. He was patient, sweet but also a strong man. There coming together was so good. Wyatt comes along and I immediately dislike him, he left her! Book 1.5 had me seeing things a little differently, not much but some. I could at least feel for him. Book 2 had me laughing, yelling, crying and completely frust
... morerated! I didn't understand how she could do those things that she did while pregnant. Crazy story but I still could not put it down. less
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Loved this series- gave me an ending I could live with. Would read this author again!
Total heart wrenching story but you will LOVE every minute of it!
Love this series!
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