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The Skye In June (2008)

by June Ahern(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 2
1419689665 (ISBN13: 9781419689666)
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review 1: The book does have some spacing and editorial errors that can be distracting at times. Moreover, the Glaswegian accent is extremely strong and takes some getting used to. This, coupled with a very slow start can make one trudge through the first half of the book. However, from the middle point on the book is a fascinating look at a family of immigrants and their extraordinary daughter. This is largely a coming-of-age story that pits the strict structures of the Catholic faith against the free-spirited nature of spirituality and Paganism. Makes for a light, interesting read for history buffs and those who like heroines that go against the grain of traditional societal roles.
review 2: This book was really good. It was heartfelt and emotional, with a little bit
... more of paranormal to make it all the more enticing. It follows the struggles of a young catholic girl named June who struggles to become accepted when she has psychic abilities that many Catholics, including her strict father, consider sinful. The reader finds themselves crying and struggling along with June and her sisters, appalled at some of the horrors they must face because they aren't living up to strict catholic standards. less
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really enjoyed...different. children revolting from strict catholic upbringing. June is a psychic.
Awesome awesome awesome!!!! Loved it and I will be reading it again!
Interesting view of life in a strict religious home.
An interesting tale...
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