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Disgrace (2012)

by Jussi Adler-Olsen(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
0141399988 (ISBN13: 9780141399980)
Michael Joseph
Afdeling Q
review 1: Carl Morck is at it again. Arguably, this installment is even creepier than The Keeper of Lost Things. (Aldler-Olson isn’t afraid of doing the creep in his books.) This story is about the murder of a brother and sister who were beaten to death. This strange case went unsolved for years, until a random person gave a suspicious and tidy confession, effectively putting the crime to bed. Now considered resolved, the case has been passed around grief-stricken family members and disbelieving cops. Years later, it winds up on Morck’s desk and his interest is piqued. Does this not seem creepy enough? Wait for it. The murder takes place nearby a fancy boarding school, where a clique of callous and violent students have been known to harass and manipulate their fellow cl... moreassmates as well as innocent passersby. As we flip back and forth between Morck’s progress with the case and these disturbed students, Aldler-Olson shows us the ugly side of privilege. As a reader, you go backwards and forwards in time, rewinding and speeding up, trying to figure out how all of this pain for the perpetrators—and vengeance for the victims—fits together. One thing about this series: you can’t guess the ending. I have to say, Assad is still my favorite character. I actually find Assad much more complex than Morck. He is treated like dirt by every character—including Rose, the newest member of the Department Q team and possibly my least favorite character introduced thus far—but he always follows his instincts. Oftentimes his insight, rather than Morck’s, is what saves the case. He has a mysterious backstory, and the more Morck presses for it the more Assad evades. Will we eventually get it? Maybe not. As for me, I’m fine watching Morck and Assad dance around the subject. They have a fantastic partnership. There are times, however, when the jumpcut chapters got repetitive. I was always curious, and my attention never wavered, but I did find myself getting frustrated by the constant stream of cliffhanger chapters. It wasn’t that they kept me on the edge of my seat, but that they overemphasized too many bits and pieces of the story. Just by the setup, I kept accidentally assuming Morck had found a clue when, really, it was just a vague way of building up a suspect’s creep factor. I kept thinking these little moments were puzzle pieces, and they weren’t, which got confusing. Nevertheless, I am definitely going to continue on in the series. This is a great mystery series if you enjoyed the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Lackberg’s Ice Princess.
review 2: Så, nu kan jeg tillade mig at udtale mig om hvorvidt filmen eller bogen er bedst, og jeg er nået til den konklusion at det er bogen der er bedst. Der er for mange ting ved historien i filmen der er blevet ændret, og det er jo klart at det hele ikke kan være 100 % som i bogen, men det er stadig ærgerligt da det efter min mening er nogle relativt vigtige ting der er blevet ændret på.Men en utroligt velskrevet bog. Meget hyggeligt at læse en krimi på dansk igen for en gangs skyld. less
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A little too disturbing... Good characters, though. Love Carl and Assad.
If you read #1 of the Q series, you gotta keep going.
Celkom sa mi to pacilo. Dobra oddychovka.
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