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Schändung (2010)

by Jussi Adler-Olsen(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
3423247878 (ISBN13: 9783423247870)
Afdeling Q
review 1: Like the book, but the weirdness was almost too much. I felt this could have been an office I worked in a few times. The detecting was interesting, the sadness too much, but could be real. I guess things like this could happen with absent parents, and much too much or with too little. Sick-o's have to come from somewhere. Suspenseful and tremendous ending. Almost made you understand people like this character Kimmy.
review 2: Carl Morck, the keeper of lost causes, is back for the second installment of the Department Q series -- and this one may be even better than the first.Adler-Olsen's writing is clever, the plot is rich and the characters continue to develop quite nicely.My only disappointment in this series so far is that I can't watch the movie made fr
... moreom the first book because it is in European formats.I highly recommend the series and am eager to find what Morck's next cold case will be. less
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I'm loving this series. Very fresh ideas and stories that lead you where you didn't expect to go.
I really am enjoying this series. Great writing, good characters. Looking forward to the others.
Another good book by this author.#2 of the series
This is book 2 in English, and excellent as usual
Love this series :)
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