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A Shot In The Dark (2011)

by K.A. Stewart(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
0451464109 (ISBN13: 9780451464101)
Jesse James Dawson
review 1: A solid 4 star, maybe even 4.25. The trace of tentativeness in the first book is nowhere in sight on this one. The people important to the main character are becoming more real as is Jesse. I'm even warming up to Axel. I wonder how many of my guesses about Axel and other curiouser things will pan out as the series progresses. A month to wait for #3. Better get busy on my 'to read' pile to justify another Powell's order. Y'all are going to melt my Visa.
review 2: I devoured this second Jesse James Dawson book in 2 days. What a fun ride! Jesse's just the sort of guy I find easiest to sympathize with: good-hearted and honorable, but with just enough snark in his attitude to keep him from crossing into the boring end of the nice-guy pool. Truth be told, though, it'
... mores almost always the mischievous secondary characters that draw me back to a series -- and K.A. Stewart has a doozy here in Axel. He was amusing (in his own demonic, untrustworthy way) in the first book (A Devil in the Details) but we find out a bit more about him here, and we're left with more questions than answers. Looking forward to the next one already. less
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Loved this book - did not disappoint compared to the first book and was equally as good! :)
Good read with predictable characters but still fun to read
Bring on book 3, Jesse James Dawson is cool!!
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