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Bough Down (2013)

by Karen Green(Favorite Author)
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193822101X (ISBN13: 9781938221019)
review 1: If you are a fan of free verse and/or stream of consciousness writing, you will enjoy this. While I enjoy writing free verse and stream of consciousness, I do not enjoy reading it, particularly. I felt like I was reading through her diary. Short snipets of her day and her emotions...her bitterness, her anger, her sadness. This memoir is written by the wife of the late David Foster Wallace. My heart was with her, but I just didn't like the book. Nothing personal. I appreciate her willingness to express herself in her own way after a loss so devastating.
review 2: Sometimes I think the best way to tell a story is episodically. It may be the most honest avenue to expressing emotions rather than the artificial constraint of narrative, but then the way my mind work
... mores there's no random that isn't connectable by the leaps of imagination. Karen Green's collection of prose/poetry recollections open the raw wound of mourning in a fashion that is universal and moving. Her collages that accompany the works are small and intricate and demand attention. Green is the wife of David Foster Wallace, a writer who I have yet to appreciate through his writing (one of the only books I've recently put down without finishing was his epic INFINITE JEST, 300 pages in), and ironically here's another example of my fascination with Wallace through the works about him. less
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The best thing I've read this year except Bluets.
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