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How To Entice An Enchantress (2013)

by Karen Hawkins(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
145168522X (ISBN13: 9781451685220)
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The Duchess Diaries
review 1: The final book in the Duchess Diaries series. Loved this book. I loved the tortured hero Kirk and all that he had gone through. I also loved it that he was willing to change and try to win Dahlia for his wife. Dahlia had loved him a long time and then she became his champion. Didn't like the name calling and the two awful girls. But then they redeemed themselves in the end. I was really glad that Kirk was able to dance with Dahlia in the end of the story. The Duchess and her companion and the dogs once again helped make a good story. I was sad that the ball was cancelled but understood why.
review 2: I was looking for a new historical/regency romance author to try and after reading a review of another Karen Hawkins romance that included the words "deli
... moreghtful" and "romp", I decided to read How to Entice an Enchantress. I'm glad to have a new author to read. I found her writing style refreshing, funny and witty. I liked her descriptions of the setting. There was such build-up to the sporting event that when it never materialized and was only eluded to, I was let down. Then when the poetry scene led to a sex scene (which I skipped 3/4 of and which felt formulaic) which led to yet another episode of bad behaviour on Kirk's part, I almost put the book down for good. I felt the book could have/should have ended after the poetry scene/sex scene because I bought into the poetry scene. It irked me when Kirk misbehaved yet again. As I read the last couple of chapters, I felt as if the author had these scenes she just had to include and extended the length of the story to include them. Lord Kirk's constant bad behaviour and dahlia's constant getting angry at it grew weary by the middle of the book. I never really connected to either Dahlia or Kirk. Romance cliches are scattered throughout.I'll continue to read Ms. Hawkins romances because overall I enjoy her writing and storytelling style. less
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Always love Karen Hawkins, this one did not disappoint. Loved the series!
I love the Duchess and Catherine and the pugs and all the scheming!!
Enjoy this whole series - Duchess diaries.
A quick, light read which I enjoyed.
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