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The Yo-Yo Prophet (2011)

by Karen Krossing(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
1554698278 (ISBN13: 9781554698271)
Orca Book Publishers
review 1: Calvin is discovered to have a talent for yo-yoing, and goes from a ninth grade nobody to instant - if tenuous - popularity. However, his grandmother is increasingly ill, and, having sold her dry-cleaning business, they must find a new place to live. Calvin makes typically immature decisions and finds himself in difficult situations that make the book difficult to read at times (he's a very realistically frustrating teen). However, he is well-intentioned and responsible. This is a well told story, but it has no momentous climax or earth-shattering message.
review 2: Calvin is a “nobody” at his school and has a sad home life. The novel begins with Calvin not even being really worthy of a bully’s attention. By surprise, Calvin gets offered money for his s
... moretreet yo-yo tricks. Calvin gives it a try but is spotted by the bully who then decides to become his manager. Calvin soon becomes an overnight sensation as Rozelle (the bully) turns him into “The Yo Yo Prophet” offering predictions to audience members which she claims have a one hundred percent success rate. The resulting story is one that sheds light on the characters of Calvin and Rozelle (the bully) and the author, Karen Krossing, successfully keeps you wanting to read more and more. All-together, it is a nice story with nice messages that is one you don’t really want to put down. If you are looking for a feel good story that is an easy, simple read - The Yo Yo Prophet is a great choice and suitable for middle or high school. less
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I won a copy of this book and it was signed by the author. I love when that happens.
Students into yo-yo's will love the descriptions of the tricks YO-YO throws!
A great book that made me want to read more of Karen's works!
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