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De Koppelaarster: Vier Novelles (2014)

by Karen Witemeyer(Favorite Author)
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Grace Publishing House
review 1: (*SPOILER ALERT!!!*)A Cowboy Unmatched – Karen WitemeyerAaaaaaaaah!!!!!Sorry, I didn't mean to scream! Well, actually, I did. Sort of. I just finished reading the book less than a minute ago so I'm still a bit... uh... charged. (You know that blissful feeling that you get after you've finished a book and everything turned out great and left you perfectly satisfied, nearly ecstatic, and on top of the clouds??? I have that right now. It's glorious!)My first thought when I started this book was: Yes! She wrote a book about Neill! My next one wasn't as pleasant: Oh no! It's going to be terribly short and I'm not going to like it at all!!Then I unplugged the not-so-positive part of my brain, put all other thoughts aside, and just READ. Oh, how I love doing that!To my infinite... more relief, Neill is exactly as I'd envisioned him. (I suppose I somehow got the absurd thought that he'd be different because he didn't have his own novel.) He's charming, adorably sweet, ornery (as he says), loyal, and wonderful. I see a little of Travis' protectiveness peeking through his character and find that sweet too.Clara is great as well. Kindhearted, independent, and loving. I think she and Neill are awesome together! (As Meri says: “Yes. You are definitely the right woman.”) I like the “Just until dawn” part. Too cute.Mack – You know, I didn't find him as irritating as the other bad guys in Karen's books. Probably because he softened in the end. Not quite sure whether I like that or not...While I really enjoyed this novella (obviously), I do have one complaint. It was too short. Don't get me wrong, Karen did an awesome job as usual. (The characters were appropriately developed. There was a delightful amount of adventure and romance. And the return of the beloved Archers was awesome, of course.) But it cut my romantic-adventure time shorter. They had to fall in love within a few days, though she wrote it to where it didn't seem nearly as rushed as it was. And I read it within the space of two hours.Oh yeah, one more thing. I don't know if this is just me, but this novella didn't seem as... faith-filled as the other books by Karen Witemeyer. Perhaps it was just because of the lack of space provided, but whatever it was, I don't care for it. Our faith must be apparent in all things.An Unforeseen Match – Regina JenningsSweet.This is actually the first I've read from Regina Jennings. So I entered the story a bit cautious because of the lack of familiarity but also eagerly anticipating the romantic adventure.I found that it was indeed romantic, but not so adventurous. There was no fight (unless you mean a bit of a verbal tussle between Clayton and Grace) and no getting hurt. Grace's brother added a little more excitement but that didn't last very long. I didn't really care for the adventure part.I also found it lacking in the faith department.The romance, on the other hand, was handled quite expertly.Grace O'Malley – Stubborn. Sweet. Independent. Loving. Her idea about the husband ad, and Clayton's chance arrival, was too funny!Clayton is basically everything Grace is. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. I can't believe he thought his scar defined him – or assumed that others thought that way of him. Goodness, I can't believe they did that to him – and when he was, like, 13, no less! That is so terrible! How can people be so cruel? From how Brian explained it, it's a surprise (to me, at least) that Clayton lived.I would naturally be discussing the villain next, but there wasn't really a bad guy. Unless you mean Brian of course. But, seeing as he's reformed, he's not a very exciting subject.No Match for Love – Carol CoxIsn't Andrew so sweet? He's charming, and adorable, and wonderful. I can't really blame him for thinking Aunt Martha was going loony. Flying cows? You have to admit, that sounds an awful lot like insanity.Lucy is also an endearing character. I thought it was a little strange how she didn't really ever think about Andrew. There was never any mental conflict or admission of being in love with him. That was a little out of the ordinary.Martha – Boy, do I like her! She's fiery, independent, and quite capable, despite her years. Not your normal knee-knocking granny.Though their beliefs, were, once again, a bit shallow, I really enjoyed the story. I was anticipating adventure, but the mystery was a surprise. Not like I mind a surprise now and then.Meeting Her Match – Mary ConnealyOh. My. Word.I want to marry Marcus Whitfield. Like, yesterday.He is so deliciously amazing, it's not even funny. He's also completely romantic; completely and utterly romantic. And incredibly sweet. Not to mention, extremely endearing and totally dreamy. Entirely handsome, too (in my mind's eye, that is). He's also delightfully–Okay, okay, I'll shut up about adorable Marcus. He's just so perfectly awesome I can't help it. He has to be, like, the sweetest guy ever! (Sigh.) And aren't his blushes just terribly cute? Goodness, I think I'm in love with a book character! (Needless to say, while this is the first it is most certainly not the last book I'll be reading by Mary Connealy.)Forcefully dragging my mind away from Awesome, I think Hannah is great as well. She is sincere, sweet, and lovable. And completely perfect for Marcus. Is that not totally adorable how he was in love with her the whole time and just too shy to say it?Oh my goodness, I LOVE this book! If I don't think about the not-so-faith-filled part, it was perfect except for one thing – it ended. It wasn't rushed at all. It actually wasn't very adventurous (Surprised I love it so much?), but the romance and enjoyable characters wholly filled and sealed that void.Oh my, those match-makers (Essie, Rosella, Marcus' mom, and Mrs. Claasen) are horrible – but also wonderful at the same time. Were they really kissing for thirty minutes? (That just seems a little preposterous to me.) And goodness, does Marcus know how to kiss!Oh, Marcus. Have I ever told you how positively wonderful and delectably amazing he is?
review 2: Four very talented authors join together to form "A Match Made in Texas", a delightful collection of connected novellas. In 1893, in the small Texas town of Dry Gulch, a do-gooder with a well-intentioned heart goes out of her way to nudge people in the right direction, especially towards each other. Helping folks find what they need comes naturally to school teacher Hannah Taylor--it's something she's done all her life. Assisting her mother in managing their large family has made her wise in the ways of human behavior. In "A Cowboy Unmatched", by Karen Witemeyer, someone sends Neill Archer to repair Clara Danvers roof. What he discovers is a very pregnant young widow who needs emotional support that he is suddenly quite willing to give. Being with Clara, and helping her deliver her babe, brings out all his family man instincts, but can he convince Clara they are meant to be together? Author Regina Jennings tells the story of Clayton Weber, a scarred man with a troubled past who comes to Dry Gulch when he loses his horse. On his way to a land run to claim a homestead of his own, he must find a way to gain much-needed funds. When he finds a newspaper stuck in his saddlebag, a classified ad leads him to Grace O'Malley. Grace is losing her sight, and she needs help to manage her ranch. She also needs the loving care of the right man to help lead her into a happy, fulfilling life--but will Clayton change his plans to stay with Grace? In author Carol Cox's story, unexpected allies find that they are "No Match for Love". Lucy Benson finds herself with limited choices when she is beset by both strained finances and the need to find a new place to live. A persistent suitor offers marriage, but Lucy knows that is not the right answer to her problems. A train ticket from a mysterious donor sends her to work as a companion for an elderly lady determined to live out her days on the ranch she shared with her late husband. The woman's nephew, Andrew Simms, isn't sure that lovely and refined Lucy is the right person to care for his aunt, but strange circumstances find them working together to protect his aunt and safeguard the ranch. Will a burgeoning friendship blossom into something more? Finally, storyteller Mary Connealy gives the matchmaker of Dry Gulch a taste of her own medicine in "Meeting Her Match". When Hannah Taylor's mother dies in childbirth, her father and younger siblings become increasingly dependent on Hannah, leaving her to despair of ever having a life of her own. When her father unexpectedly marries the waitress from the town diner, Hannah is put out of her own home and sent to live in the room the waitress had occupied above the diner. With her world turned upside down, Hannah feels very much alone. However one person has always cared for her, but he is too shy to speak his true feelings. Marcus Whitfield, son of the local banker, cares deeply for Hannah--can he show her with his ways, as well as his words, what he feels in his heart? I am a fan of each one of these terrific authors on their own. Together, the four of them offer a real treat for readers. Review Copy Gratis Bethany House Books less
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Dry Gulch, Texas, with 4 authors and 4 stories of love. Each story is sweetly told.
I'm critical in my reviews, but I LOVED all four stories in this novella.
Terrific group of short stories that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Favorites were by Karen Witemeyer and Regina Jennings.
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