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Head In The Clouds (2010)

by Karen Witemeyer(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
0764207563 (ISBN13: 9780764207563)
Bethany House Publishers
review 1: I am yet again, thoroughly pleased with Karen Witemeyer and her writing! I easily related to Adelaide and her adventures were quite amusing. She is a female character that is easy to relate to, has some fabulous qualities to look up to, and is also very human. I also loved Gideon and Isabella' characters. The depth of character Karen Witemeyer puts into her books is wonderful and very fulfilling. Her stories are fun and easy to read and I know I'll go back to re-reading this one :)
review 2: Audience: Adult (Clean)Genre: Historical Romance, Inspirational RomanceLength: 370 pgsRating: **** (Love it)Review: I'm not sure which of Ms. Witemeyer's books I read first, but I know that I like her stuff. I loved the originality in this one: an English sheep rancher i
... moren Texas! A mute young girl! And, though it seems as if it would be common place, a girl wishing for a husband. (It's not really in historical romances these days. Authors try so hard not to be cliche, that they've created the new one: an independent woman struggling in a society where women were dependent.) The romance between them grows at a perfect pace, and everything about it moved me. Great book.Source: Bought on Amazon via Cheap Reads (Free promotion)Content:Sex - 1/5 (Them becoming man and wife in the true sense is discussed; Addy sleeps in Gideon's bed after they are married.)Language - 0/5Violence - 3/5 (People are shot; Murder is discussed; an attempted rape)Preaching - 1/5 (Flows well into the plot.)read this review and more at raneesclark.blogspot.com less
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Loved this book. I could not put down want to see what would happen next.
Heart-felt lovely wonderful story!!! Wish was a series!!!
This book was a little cheesy for my liking
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