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The Importance Of Being Denny (2011)

by Kari Gregg(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
M/M Romance Group @ Goodreads
review 1: This was a good smexy short story, but it was actually frustrating that everything felt incomplete and underdeveloped because the characters’ chemistry was incredible. There was a lot of potential for Matt and Denny that was never achieved. I also felt that the villain, evil stepmother Anna, and her actions were not explained thoroughly therefore the hardships she caused Denny (at age 21) were not believable and the MC’s 4 year separation seemed ridiculous. I don’t know if this story could have been made into full novel length, but it was way too short as it is to be anything more than just okay. Like I said though, the MCs were well matched and their attraction and relationship felt electric so that in itself makes this worth a look, besides it’s free so yes, defi... morenitely consider picking this one up.
review 2: 3.75* Rounded up. Emotionally charged sexy short dealing with the attraction and lust/love between two stepbrothers, forced apart by a very bitchy money grabbing step mother, who reconnect 4 years after a traumatic event forces Denny ( the elder of the two ) to run. Matt, the youngest, and son of Anna the Bitch from hell finally finds Denny and the two of them escape to Matts cabin where they thrash out the past and the effects it's still having on both their lives... Needless to say the love and sexual pull is as strong between them as it ever was and the obvious happens ... A good story that would probably have been even more enjoyable if the story had been expanded as there are quite a few threads that felt unfinished in the story and the ending does leave you wondering what will happen to the two of them as Anna is still on the warpath, but that can be put down to the length. For a free story though its well worth picking up. Part of the Don't Read In The Closet anthology. less
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Though short, this story was just want I needed. Liked it so much that I wish it was a full novel.
a sweet small read
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