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Busted (Novella) (2013)

by Karin Slaughter(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Another great Will Trent story. My only problem with it is that it was a novella. By nature those are too short to have much depth to the story and characters. The result is a nice, neat little package where all the loose ends are tied up quickly and neatly, much like an episode of CSI or Law & Order. Still, I was happy to see the return of Will, Faith, and Amanda and am looking forward to reading Unseen.
review 2: I love Karin Slaughter and while I do enjoy these Kindle Singles, they tend to take on too much to wrap up well in a short story. In this novella, we have Will Trent who finds himself at the wrong place and wrong time. He ends up in the middle of a botched convenience store robbery. It's well-written, but there is a lot going on for a short story.
... more Still, worth it if you're a true Slaughter fan. less
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This Kindle short was fast paced and full of dizzying twists. Nothing is as it seems.
I have read two of Karin Slaughter's books and both were very well written..
Good for short story. Well written. Kinda funny (punt butter).
Will Trent is back - love this character!! Keep 'em coming.
novella. not worth reading. too short
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