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Martin Misunderstood (2008)

by Karin Slaughter(Favorite Author)
3.02 of 5 Votes: 2
1846571529 (ISBN13: 9781846571527)
review 1: Martin is a middle-aged guy who still lives with his mother, an incredibly, annoying nag. He is just what you would expect: overweight, doughy, and the butt of everyone's jokes. He works as an accountant at a toilet supply company and even his underlings don't respect him as their boss. His one enjoyment in life is reading crime novels. Martin's life starts to change, however, when first one, then another of Martin's co-workers are murdered. An attractive detective is investigating the murders and although being a suspect in a series of murders usually isn't pleasant, Martin seems to be enjoying being in the limelight.The story was mediocre compared to the other Karin Slaughter books that I have read. I suspect that this was one of her earlier books before she truly ... morehit her stride. It certainly was different, had some funny parts, and certainly wasn't a total loss but it just wasn't the terrific story that I have come to associate with an outstanding author.
review 2: Martin Reed is a very lonely man who is subjected to needless ridicule and bullying both at home from his appalling mother and in his work environment. Although the book had a quite wicked and comedic element to it, I truly felt very sorry for Martin! If the portrayal of his character was intended to garner a laugh, I think it failed on that part, as to me the utter hopelessness of his situation took precedent over the comedy element. Martin inadvertently gets involved in a murder case when blood from a work colleague is found on his Bumper. He meets a detective called An - a peculiar fantasist who draws Martin in a world where the lines of reality are blurred. The ending was as unexpected as it was poignant and the book in whole raises questions on the lengths people will go to feel accepted. Rather than providing a concrete conclusion the book raised more questions than it answered. less
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My god, that one was awful.
kein Thriller, finde ich.
Prepare to laugh!
waste of time
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