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Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (2010)

by Kate Bornstein(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
1580053084 (ISBN13: 9781580053082)
Seal Press
review 1: A collection of a variety of personal stories and experiences about gender. They vary in subject, genre and quality. Some of the texts left me with nothing, but others, especially Kyle Lukoff's "Taking up Space", touched me and made me think about me own experiences. I wasn't too keen on the editing: the sections written by the editors were in text chat from, which I think is both annoying and old fashioned, and the texts were not, in my opinion, arranged very carefully or with ingenuity. All in all an OK read, it would have gotten two stars if Lukoff's piece hadn't touched me so deeply.
review 2: Fifteen years after, this new book is the natutal prosecution of "Gender Outlaws". While in the first book Kate Bornstein spoke mostly in the first person and "narrat
... moreed" the experiences and feelings of being a gender outlaw, in this second volume the editors leave space to the voices of all gender outlaws willing to speak for themselves. The result is a unique collection of stories, essays, testimonies, poetry, comics...lives. The demonstration of the continuous and fluid flowing of gender, of the necessity of not being chained by the diffuse binary-stuck conception of gender, that is not "natural" as we're always told but merely an artifice of cultures and religions, nature is quite more flexible and open to differences. Important collection of testimonies and absolutely "to be-read". less
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Inspirational. Profound. Life-Affirming. Hilarious. Heart-breaking. Couldn't love this enough.
An engaging look at the great beautiful spectrum of transgender and genderqueer experience.
Very Important book for me. Helped shape me through my long road to transition.
I was so excited to have a story included in this amazing collection!
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