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Peril In Paperback (2012)

by Kate Carlisle(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
0451237625 (ISBN13: 9780451237620)
Bibliophile Mystery
review 1: It took a longtime building up to the main plot points and then had a set of ridiculous and speedy discoveries to wrap it all up. A lot of the discoveries did not really seem built up to or established. To say the least I found the ending wacky and the majority of the book hard to follow due to a wide diaspora of characters. And the back jacket book cover lied, it states "Brooklyn suspects the key to killers's identity may lie in the roman a clef Grace has written about her life" Brooklyn did not suspect. However, it was revealed in the very last chapter of the book that the identity was attached to the book. I think it may have been a fun book, but since I have not read any in the rest of the series...I was lost on the fun.
review 2: I just found another auth
... moreor that I really like. This is the latest in a series of bibliophile mysteries that I didn't know existed. I will have to start at the beginning for my next read.The story's main character is Brooklyn Wainwright, who is a bookbinder by trade. Of course that means she loves books, especially old books. Brooklyn and a group of friends are invited to the estate of her friend Suzie's Aunt Grace, a retired CEO of a game company. The occaison is Grace's 50th birthday party. I thought Grace was a little young to be retired, but she was an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and some of them became billionaires overnight and retired.A lot of interesting characters were invited to the party and the house is more like the house of fun at an amusement park. The location is remote and next to Lake Tahoe, and of course it's snowing. It has all the prerequisites for a murder mystery. It reminded me of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None", the "Clue" movie and of course the Family Guy episode were everyone dies at the home of James Woods.Of course someone is killed and the normal murder mystery craziness begins. Gabriel, a close friend of Brooklyns, shows up a bit late to the party and immediately takes charge of the situation. He is tall, strong, a bit nutty, and reminds me of lots of heroes in books and movies. Everyone in the house is a suspect, which makes it familiar and fun. What I found different about this story was it had a lot of cliches that were done a little differently. Many of the people are exactly what you expect and many are not. I think the murder and investigation is really just an excuse to explore the characters. I loved the quirky and extremely insecure Brooklyn. She is trying to be tough, but she is pining for her traveling boyfriend, she jumps at nothing and is constantly questioning everything. Her close friends Vinnie and Suzie are a bit two-dimensional, but there is a fierce love between them. Gabriel is a man of mystery who is very competent, but has his own agenda. Grace and her family sound like a typcial nutty bunch with the good brother, the bad sister-in-law and nieces who despite crazy parents, somehow turned out alright.If you are looking for a fun read, try this book. I smiled through quite a bit of the story and can't wait to grab another one. less
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I've liked all of the books until this one. I felt it was written by a completely different writer.
A good series for those that enjoy a light mystery with no sex
Cute read. An enjoyable series.
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