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Abends Um 10 (2011)

by Kate De Goldi(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
3551582432 (ISBN13: 9783551582430)
review 1: This book was really good and kind of sad. The reason of why I liked the book is because it is a very interesting story and the way it's written it's really good. My favourite character is Sydney, because I really like her personality, she is a non-conformist and she is very curious. Something I learnt from this book was that you should never get too stuck in your fears and that you should just be free and live life. The reason why I read the book it's because I found the cover really interesting
review 2: The topic of this book was very interesting. Most people imagine agoraphobics as failures, hermits. In reality, agoraphobics are able to lead very successful lives. They are most often very smart and capable of finding ways to be successful without leaving
... moretheir house, something Frankie's mom displays in this book. The ending of this book was very satisfying. I think half-sad, half-happy endings are my favorite, because they are more often than not the most relatable. Nobody's life is perfect, but very few people live in tragedy. Frankie himself was a unique character in my mind too. I am a worrier myself, and while I do not worry about the same things Frankie does, I was able to empathize with him. To me, Frankie seemed like he falls onto the autism spectrum (what with the bird obsession, being slightly OCD). This character trait made him very engaging. I enjoyed the character development Frankie goes through during this story. I found some of the supporting characters dry, but Frankie, Sydney, Frankie's mother, and the aunties certainly made up for it. All in all, I would give this book a 7/10. less
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it wasnt my style of book. I found it was slow and didn't make much sense in the beginning.
I didn't connect with this book or any characters in it. eh, ya win some and ya lose some.
I loved this book until the last chapter. It's like she was in a hurry. Shite ending.
An enjoyable read - all characters nicely fleshed out. Will miss them!
Very lovable hero.
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