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Reaping Me Softly (2012)

by Kate Evangelista(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
1623429110 (ISBN13: 9781623429119)
Omnific Publishing
The Reaper Series
review 1: quick rundown:1) girl tells best friend she can see ghost on first page, he believes her instantly with no proof needed2) girl prays3) girl gets bullied at school, fellow nerd tries to help, but he ends up peeing his pants because he is that afraid of the mean girl.I made it 20% of the way through the book and the mc never saw any "spirits" or "ghosts" and there is even no mention of them since she told her best friend, it seemed (from the blurb) that it should have been important to the story
review 2: *This book was given to me by the author for a honest review*There are many things I can say about this book but I'll keep it short. The start of the book seemed a bit confusing for me but the moment we actually got into the story, I felt I was starting to conne
... morect with the characters which I really enjoyed.The romance between the two main characters was both romantic and I felt it was a bit sudden. I found it odd that Niko only notices Ari one year after they were at the same school together and 'falls in love' with her instantly. They had a few very romantic moments that I thought were very cute and I loved it very much.I also loved the friendship between Ari and Ben. Ben seems like an amazing guy to have as a best friend and cute as well. Ben really showed how much he would do for Ari and what he would do to keep her safe. Which I really admired.The relationship between Darla and Ari seemed a bit odd because I haven't come across anything like that but it was interesting and added a bit more to the story. I loved seeing Ari stand up to her and show off the strong side of herself. Overall, the style of writing that the author used was very well done. Kate did a very wonderful job with this story and would look forward to read more in the future. less
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The writing is so weird most of the time. Characters' behaviors are sometime 'WTF?!'.
THAT ENDING. D: anyone have a copy of the next one they wanna lend me?
Review to come soon!!!!
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