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Taste (2012)

by Kate Evangelista(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
1937254550 (ISBN13: 9781937254551)
Crescent Moon Press
review 1: I'm not even going to put it on my Goodreads reading challenge even though I finished it this year. It was that bad for me.First, Phoenix was just overly whiney and extremely childish. Second, it seems as if the author had a thesaurus right next to her so she can look up words. You can tell since the writing just did not flow. Add that to the incessant whining of Phoenix and you pretty much got a mismatch in writing. It did not sit well with me.Combat boots with blazers and women in 18th century corsets? Sigh. Sure, there was a twist but I didn't care for it.Read if you dare, I guess.
review 2: There are very few books that once I start reading it, I can’t stop. Taste has been added to those few books. This book is packed with the things a fantasy book shou
... moreld have: new world of creatures that are hot and mysterious, love, lust, danger, friendship, survival. I could keep going if you would like!Taste starts off grabbing the reader’s attention. Phoenix (don’t you just LOVE this name) has ended up staying on school grounds after curfew where she realizes quickly why there is a curfew. However, she doesn’t understand just how important it is to maintain the rules of the curfew because she can’t keep herself from breaking it! Like most girls in fantasy novels, Phoenix is stubborn and lets her curiosity get the best of her. She meets two delicious boys…yes delicious, scrumptious, melt’s your heart (you get the point)…that will do anything to keep her safe from the world they are a part of. The problem is they also need her to help protect that same world. Phoenix is likable but also makes you want to slap her because of how stubborn she can be. I must say that if I ever encounter a world of beautiful creatures who threaten to eat my flesh, I hope I have the courage and stubbornness that Phoenix has!“Were you hoping I was something else? A vampire perhaps? Or a werewolf maybe? I hear they are popular these days?”There are two boys…two delicious can hardly breathe hold me up when they enter the room boys! Yes, Phoenix has caught the eye of both Demitri and Luka. Heavy hand fanning over here! This love triangle is not like most of the triangles we have read in past novels. It’s refreshing to see how this one plays out. For the plan and simply reason of giving no spoilers, I’m leaving it at that! Evangelista is able to grab the reader and place everything that Phoenix is feeling inside the reader. You can feel her stubbornness, her anger, her desires, her love, her sadness, her humor. It is as if the reader is actually Phoenix. A book that makes the reader feel as if they are the character and not just simply reading about one deserves more stars than just the 5 given! This book is cleverly written and will keep the reader up until 3:30 in the morning wanting to see what happens next. less
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Great characters and a story that kept me reading until the last page.
Definitely a book I will never forget! Loved every moment of it!
Pretty good. :)
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