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Romancing The Bookworm (2013)

by Kate Evangelista(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
Omnific Publishing
review 1: Spectacularly funny, sweet, and romantic. I really loved the interaction between Tamara and Xavier. It was nice how she gradually gets over her nervousness and becomes more and more comfortable with him. But I'm gonna need at least four more books out of this....Ronni and Zander for sure...Hudson and WHOEVER so long as he's in a bookMelvin and WHOEVER...this should be funny and he's a good fit for the group.Not to mention that we need another wrapping up the HEA for Tamara and Xavier.. could it be a little while in the future? I'd like to see them a bit more grown up and deciding to ride off into the sunset together!Ms. Evangelista is a talented writer and I'm looking forward to reading more from her!
review 2: I was given a review copy by the author to read in
... more excahnge for an honest review.I really liked the concept of this story. Girl so caught up in reading romance novels that she is completely oblvious to the gorgeous boy who is trying to and failing romance her. So much so that he concocts a plan which is straight out of her romance novels to woo her.I just couldn't connect with the character of Tamara, as a character she just frustrated me. She has one friend whom she actively seems to resent, shes completely disconnected with reality and she just comes across as being very passive agressively mean.As a reader I just couldn't see why anyone would go to the trouble of actively romancing her. For me there was nothing interesting about her so I couldn't root for her to get with the guy which is sort of the point of a romance novel. less
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This book was utterly terrible. I have no idea why I was eager to read this in the first place
Just finished the book, review in progress! (3.5 stars)
Not as good as you would want it to be.
it left me hanging though...
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