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Colazione A Parigi (2012)

by Kate Klise(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 2
8820052792 (ISBN13: 9788820052799)
Sperling & Kupfer
review 1: I love the way the story was delivered: thru 4 different point of views. And the idea is brilliant, how one simple stuff leads us to a long road that could change our life forever. Thing I learned the most from it: that our interpersonal problem is sometimes just a lack of communication. We keep guessing what ppl might think about us meanwhile those thoughts MERELY happen in our mind. So be brave and speak up, I know you want to.
review 2: In the Bag is incredibly cute. I really enjoyed the story, and found it a fun and easy read. I was instantly connected to the characters, and couldn't figure out just how the pieces of the puzzle were going to fit together in the end. I must say that Klise does an excellent job of driving the reader to the ending, with which
... more I was quite satisfied.I only have two issues with this book. The first is grammar. Klise chose to use Spanish in this book, but did not have the proper accents or punctuation. I found it a bit distasteful, and whether or not that was a style choice, it reflected poorly on Klise. There is also a major grammatical error right at the end of the book, which left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Finally, while I thoroughly enjoyed the rotating first-person point of view between the characters, it got a bit old that Klise followed the same rotation throughout the entirety of the book. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it was frustrating during some points in the story, and a bit monotonous. Overall, In the Bag is a delightful read. I would love to know what happens to the characters (will there be a sequel?!). I recommend this for when you need a pick-me-up or will be heading to the beach. less
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Quick, easy read. Fun to read while on vacation.
Cute, easy read. Perfect for the beach!
covernya unyu..
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